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On January 7, 2018, Ben Avery Shooting Facility hosted an EIC Match. Jared Wilkins finished 2nd overall shooting a 473-12x. Jared also picked up 6 points, giving him a total of 10 leg points. Congratulations, young man. Three of our juniors and two coaches also picked up gold, silver, and bronze pins for their great performances: Juniors: Jared Wilkins, Madison Rovelli, and Albert Rivera; Coaches: Ken Russo and Mark Muraoka. GO SCORPIONS. (Photo: Jared with Middleton and Nancy Tompkins. Coach Myles in the backgroud).

Congratulations to Zac Clark for winning the 2017 Matt Acker Memorial High Power Rifle Match held on May 13 at Ben Avery Shooting Facility, with the score of 482-11x. The Acker family has provided great support to the Arizona junior high power program. THANK YOU for your generosity and love.

Congratulations to Mark Muraoka, 1st in the adult division with the score of 460-10x.

Zac was followed by Madison Rovelli 477-14x and Donnie Smith 467-10x, with Albert Rivera as high new shooter 442-3x. Congratulations to all participants, coaches, and parents.

The 125th Washington’s Birthday Rifle Match was successfully held on February 19 at 9:00 am. Every dime made from shooter registrations, lunches, raffle tickets went to the Arizona Scorpions Junior Rifle Team to help send them to Camp Perry, OH, to shoot at the Nationals.

On behalf of our parents, coaches, and shooters, we thank you and your friends for making it financially possible for us to continue with our junior shooting program.

Here are the results:

The match was shortened from 50 to 30 shots due to heavy rain and high wind.

Total number of teams: 47 of 4 shooters each
188 registered shooters including military and law enforcement

Winning Team: PRG Club Cupcakes: 1,145 - 21x taking the title from our Juniors who won this match 3 consecutive years
Top Juniors (4th overall): Team Liberty: 1,118 - 22x (Captain Zac, Co Captain Sarah, Kade, and Madison)
Top Senior (old dude): 289 - 6x
Top Shooter: Bronson Scott 294 - 9x
Top Junior: Donny Smith 286 - 2x
Top Woman: Madison Rovelli 280 - 5x

Sarah was asked to pick the winning ticket for the M1 Raffle and the winner was Mr. Charlie Mittenswei. Here is the video for the event and M1 Raffle:

Many many thanks again to all participated in this fundraiser for our Juniors.


February 13, 2017

AZ Scorpions cleaned up the top spots at the Arizona EIC Matches...

2016 Western Creedmoor Cup - EIC Service Rifle Match: The Scorpion Juniors landed on 1st, 2nd, and 4th of the top four shooters receiving EIC points. Congratulations Zac Clark (10 points), Sarah Nguyen (8 points), and Alex Kuprinsky (4 points)

2017 Desert Sharpshooters EIC Service Rifle Match: The Scorpion Juniors took 1st and 2nd of the top two shooters receiving EIC points. Congratulations Zac Clark (8 points) and Sarah Nguyen (6 points).

Zac is 2 points from reaching his Distinguished Rifle Badge and Sarah is 6 points away.


February 13, 2017

Congratulations Kade Jackovich on winning the AFROTC service championships in Las Vegas!!

January 22, 2017

Congratulations to Sarah Nguyen for receiving an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, class of 2021. Sarah is the fourth member of the Arizona juniors to have received an appointment to a service academy. Sarah is currently a Senior at Prescott High School. GO SCORPIONS / GO NAVY !!!

November 26, 2016

Madison Rovelli for shooting a record score of 595-26X at a 500 yard prone match on Nov 26, 2016. "This is the highest score for service rifle I have ever seen at Rio Salado." Said Mike Toliver, RSSC High Power Division Director.

Well done, Madison.

May 27, 2016

New Arizona Junior High Power rifle team member surprises everyone by winning the 15th Annual Matt Acker Junior Championship Match at Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

Wow, what a surprise! New Arizona Junior rifle team shooter, Jared Wilkins, just 15 year’s old, does the near-impossible, by winning the 15th annual Matt Acker Memorial match, that was held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility on Saturday, May 7th.

Jared has been shooting the AR-15 match rifle with the Scorpions team for just four months, and is the second person in team history (that we know of), to win the annual Junior Championship match on the first outing, said Tom Kirby, program director and a team coach. Jarred shot a Master Classification score of 474-8X (minimum 470 score, with 94% accuracy), which is extraordinary, given the changing wind conditions that day, and the challenge that new Junior high power rifle shooters face, Kirby stated.

The top three trophy scores were: First Place - Jared Wilkins, 474-8X (won the overall champion trophy); Second Place - Donnie Smith, 471-9X; and Third Place - David Fallenbeck, 471-7X. Alexander Nez, a first-time Junior competitor in the Matt Acker match, was awarded a trophy for his score of 439-3X.

“The learning curve required to shoot a Master Classification score in a 50-shot match requires about 2 years of experience, on the average,” Kirby explained. “That doesn’t mean a newer rifle competitor will shoot in the 470’s from this point forth, but at least, he/she is moving at a very fast-pace to become an accomplished rifle shooter,” Kirby explained.

The Coach added that to achieve at this level requires shooting in at least three matches every month on the average. Missed matches can be made-up with practice on a nearby rifle range in order to average the three productive outings, the Coach explained.

Coach Kirby said that by jumping past Marksman (minimum 419 or lower score, 83.99%), Sharpshooter (420 minimum score, 84% accuracy), and Expert (445 minimum score, 89% accuracy), classifications is an honorable achievement that can only be accomplished through an unwavering commitment to the sport…on the same level as playing football on the school varsity team, the Coach stressed.

In addition to shooting on the Scorpions Rifle Team, Jared has been shooting smallbore rifle at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in east Mesa. Coach Kirby attributes this experience as a key step in learning how to handle a high power rifle, especially, in the standing position at 200-yards. As well, the Coach said it’s obvious that Jarred joined the team knowing sight alignment, sight picture and head position, which are essential to rifle shooting accuracy.

The coach said that Arizona has two of the best smallbore programs in the country, and recommends that new rifle shooters start their rifle training there: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in east Mesa, or the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in north Phoenix. Both of these programs are excellent for learning competitive rifle shooting.

The annual Matt Acker rifle match is held in honor of Matt Acker, a former Arizona Junior High Power Rifle shooter, who lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident in Florida in 2001. The accident was no fault of his, and was caused by a careless driver. Matt was stationed at an Air Force base in Florida at the time. Coach Kirby knew Matt well and competed alongside him in the late 1990’s. He said Matt was an honorable young man and a person with great integrity who was liked by everyone in the high power rifle program.

Matt’s parents, Bill and Jan Acker, attended the match, as they have since 2002, and assisted in the presentation of the award plaques to the top three competitors and the highest scoring new Junior. On behalf of the Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Division, the Ackers sponsored the Memorial Trophy for the remembrance of their son who loved to shoot high power rifle. The Matt Acker trophy resides in the trophy case at the Ben Avery activity center.

Eighteen Junior competitors participated in the 2016 Matt Acker Memorial Match. After the trophies were awarded, all competitors, parents and guests enjoyed grilled burgers and hot dogs, along with pot-luck side dishes and cold sodas and water.

The Arizona Scorpions Junior High Power Rifle Team currently consists of fourteen team members, which includes five girls. Ages range from 13 to 20-years old. The competitors shot a 50-round, “National Match” course of fire in the match, which includes target distances at 200, 300 and 600 yards. Team members compete with AR-15 match rifles with iron sights. That is, no scopes allowed. As well, no coaching is allowed in a National Match.

The Scorpion team is one of the most winning Junior rifle teams in the country. They set a new national record in the NRA’s coveted, “Whistler Boy Match,” at the 2015 National Rife Matches, and in the process, broke a record that was established in 1999, 16 years ago. The team also won the National Championship, “National Trophy Infantry Team Match,” which they have won 15 times over the past 20-years. No other Junior rifle team has claimed as many national championships.

The Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team, the “Scorpions”, wishes to thank the NRA Foundation for grants that they have presented to the team program. Their kind contributions have enabled the Arizona Junior Rifle Team to purchase much needed ammo building components and equipment. Without their support, this program could not survive. Also, we acknowledge and appreciate everything the ASRPA has done to support the Arizona Junior Rifle Team.

The Matt Acker Memorial Match is endorsed by the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association (ASRPA). For information on Junior high power rifle shooting, Email:, or write to: Scorpion Team program Director, P.O. Box 14392, Mesa AZ 85216.

March 29, 2016

2016 Legacy Match Results

2016 Legacy -
3 Ron F HS 92 0 93 2 94 2 185 1 464 5 464 5         1784 22 -
Jessy S   80 0 87 0 87 1 162 1 416 2            
Mike F   82 0 98 1 89 0 187 6 456 7            
Reg P   87 1 86 1 93 1 182 5 448 8 448 8        
4 Alexander N HJ 84 1 91 0 94 0 194 5 463 6         463 6 1722 17 -
Randall N   84 0 94 1 83 0 188 4 449 5            
Lawrence N   84 1 93 3 84 0 169 1 430 5            
Mackenley N   80 0 54 0 84 0 162 1 380 1         380 1
5 Donalee M HW 82 1 89 0 90 0 183 6 444 7     444 7     1571 18 -
Don W   68 0 99 2 88 1 169 3 424 6            
Daniel M   41 0 62 0 7 0 173 1 283 1         283 1
Andrew N   82 1 88 0 84 1 166 2 420 4            
6 Stephen S   84 2 90 0 90 1 177 1 441 4             1739 19 -
Lisa S   68 0 84 0 85 0 169 3 406 3 406 3 406 3    
Bronson S   89 1 98 3 97 2 195 4 479 10            
JaQon P   79 0 93 0 78 0 163 2 413 2         413 2
7 Norris H   56 0 75 0 47 0 103 0 281 0         281 0 1127 4 -
Shawn H   50 0 84 0 17 0 61 0 212 0         212 0
Cameron B   64 0 82 0 91 0 146 2 383 2         301 2
Kyle N   55 1 0 0 69 0 127 1 251 2         251 2
8 Robert O   86 0 91 1 99 2 185 3 461 6             1838 30 2
Jeff M MW 91 1 99 2 95 1 195 7 480 11 480 11        
Dave L   88 0 94 1 92 2 181 3 455 6 455 6        
Timothy T   77 0 90 0 92 0 183 7 442 7            
9 Mike D   92 2 96 3 97 1 185 3 470 9             1885 43 1
Jeff M   86 2 99 3 93 0 189 9 467 14            
Steve C   94 0 94 2 95 2 190 2 473 6            
Mark M   92 3 94 2 95 1 194 8 475 14            
10 Randy J   86 1 79 0 78 0 179 4 422 5             1758 32 -
Mike T   91 0 97 4 85 1 179 2 452 7            
Clint L   73 0 87 0 76 0 187 6 423 6            
Doug F   84 0 86 0 94 3 197 11 461 14 461 14        
11 Bob P   90 1 96 2 94 0 193 7 473 10             1807 35 3
Ike S   96 3 99 3 75 2 190 4 460 12 460 12        
Dan T   80 0 39 0 96 0 197 4 412 4 412 4        
Wally T   88 0 99 5 90 1 185 3 462 9            
12 Rick B   75 0 82 0 72 0 148 0 377 0             1061 0 -
Cory H   60 0 48 0 66 0 121 0 295 0            
Jim W   74 0 35 0 22 0 99 0 230 0 243 0        
Debbie B   32 0 12 0 50 0 65 0 159 0     159 0    
13 David O   91 0 91 0 91 0 191 3 464 3             1686 11 -
Craig D   59 0 90 1 80 0 168 1 397 2            
Bill W   78 0 54 1 94 1 167 1 393 3            
Mairo C   89 1 90 1 85 0 168 1 432 3            
14 Michael S   73 0 96 2 84 1 179 6 432 9 432 9         1524 19 -
Anthony M   86 0 84 1 96 2 184 4 450 7            
Roger C   60 0 47 0 63 0 159 0 329 0 329 0        
Craig F   55 1 42 0 71 0 145 2 313 3            
15 Jason H   84 0 93 1 81 0 168 3 426 4             1440 9 -
Joe L   87 0 69 0 74 0 163 1 393 1            
Fred J   56 1 75 0 28 0 120 1 279 2            
Bill S   66 0 64 1 64 0 148 1 342 2            

March 26, 2016

It’s Three in a Row for the Arizona Scorpions

The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol’s Association’s 2016 Washington’s Birthday Match was a big win for the Arizona Scorpions, the ASRPA’s Junior High Power Rifle Team.

The 14-time National Champion Scorpions fielded four teams of four rifle shooters each (16 team members), with two of the teams capturing first and second place, besting 39 other teams, including other junior teams, adult teams and veteran senior teams. This makes a three-in-a-row record for the Junior High Power Rifle Team program, and may have set a new record for the ASRPA’s Annual Washington’s Birthday Match. The WBD match is the Nation’s longest and continuous running rifle match, having just completed it’s 124th year.

Held on February 20-21 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Ariz., there were 163 competitors and 41 teams competing in the 50-shot match. The two top teams were comprised of Junior rifle shooters, and were separated by just 9-points and 4 X’s.

2016 Washington’s Birthday Match Winning Team -- 1917-41X

Morgan – High Woman, High Junior, fourth place overall, score of 487-13X
Kade – Sixth place overall, score of 486-13X, just one point behind Morgan
Zac -- Nineteenth place overall, score of 474-12X
Donnie – 24th place overall, score of 470-3X

2016 Washington’s Birthday Match Second Place Team – 1908-45X

David – Second Place Team, score of 482-12X
Sarah – Second Place Team, score of 481-13X
Andres – Second Place Team, score of 478-13X
Jessica – Second Place Team, score of 467-7X

September 7, 2015

(August, 2015, Camp Perry Training Site, Port Clinton OH); The Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team, the “Scorpions,” stung their way to impressive victories at the 2015 National Rifle Matches held at the Camp Perry Training Site, Port Clinton, Ohio, in late July. The team secured two highly coveted National Championships: the prestigious NRA Whistler Boy Match, where two Junior team members shoot 50-shots each at bullseye targets at 200, 300 and 600-yards, with a coach reading the wind and directing the shots; and the National Trophy Infantry Team Match (NTIT), the arduous, “Rattle-Battle” match, fired by six-teammates and led by two coaches.

Two Arizona Scorpion teammates set a new national record in the NRA’s, 2015 High Power Rifle Whistler Boy match of 977-30X, eclipsing the previous national record by two points. The former record was established at the National Matches 16-years ago, in 1999. The Whistler Boy has been labeled the most difficult challenge on the National Matches docket because only two Junior teammates fire this match, leaving zero margin for mistakes. The winner earns the right to be named NRA’s National Championship Junior Team. When the previous record was established, most of the Arizona Juniors were still toddlers. Today, their names are in the NRA archives as the best Junior team, having topped every previous record since 1978, the first year of the match.

Tom Kirby, the Arizona Junior’s veteran coach and program director for the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, coached the two teammates through difficult wind conditions by spending three hours memorizing the mirage before the Whistler Boy match started. He said that after a dozen years of coaching Junior rifle shooters at the National Matches, he has learned that the mirage at Camp Perry in mid summer will have a subliminal, “safe zone” to shoot in. “The key is to have the patience for the mirage to flow like a smooth river, and then start shooting, “very quickly,” he said. “And hold-up when mirage shivers to signal a change,” the coach added.

The teammates fired 20 rounds each at long-range prone, and only dropped eight points out of 40-shots between them. Their coach stated that many of the other teams were firing during the mirage changes, and didn’t realize that if they would wait for ten seconds, the mirage would routinely settle into the flowing river pattern that was easier to navigate shots through.

Coach Kirby’s two Junior teammates finished the match with high-master classification scores in the Whistler Boy match which are their best scores since they began shooting high power rifle barely three years ago. Kade Jackovich finished with a 492-14X and dropped only seven points total out of 50-rounds. Zac Clark finished with a 485-16X after dropping only three-points in his rapid-fire sitting and rapid-fire prone positions combined.

As the coach and the two teammates walked off the 600-yard firing line, they realized they were the first team to finish shooting and were concerned that they may have rushed a few shots. But the worries turned to jubilation an hour later when the NRA posted the scores. They realized they had not only won the match, but set a new national record in the prestigious Whistler Boy. “I attribute this win to coaching a team of dedicated and serious competitive rifle shooters,” the coach stated. The Arizona coach added that to win at this high level also requires sacrifice of other hobbies and activities, but they will tell you, it’s worth it, he explained.

The Whistler Boy match was organized in 1978 by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), and the NRA, as a cooperative endeavor to support the National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice (NBPRP). Teams consist of two Junior rifle shooters (between 14 and 20-years of age), and a supportive coach. Both team members fire 10-shots at 200-yards standing, and 200-yards rapid-fire sitting; 10-shots at 300-yards rapid-fire prone, and 20-shots slow-fire prone at 600-yards. The two scores are added together for the final score. The two teammates and their coach received Whistler Boy Trophies and gold medallions for winning the match and setting a new National Record. The two teammates also earned $500 gift certificates from the NRA.

As with the Whistler Boy match, the coaches burned the mirage into their minds for Rattle-Battle, and knew exactly what the wind call would have to be. On their way to the firing line the coach and caption told the six teammates to put, ‘four-minutes left’ on their rifles, and as the targets appeared, the coaches saw the bullet-traces (through binoculars) impacting the center of the silhouettes. More than half of the competing teams under-guessed the strength of the Lake Erie mirage, as no other Junior team was within 70 points of the Arizona Scorpions. Coach Kirby and team captain, Randy Jackovich, said that mirage reconnaissance was key to winning both the Rattle-Battle and Whistler Boy matches.

The notorious National Trophy Infantry Team match, or “Rattle-Battle,” as it’s called, is 2-1/2 minutes of simulated combat. The match is fired by six team members walking line-abreast military style, shooting at eight silhouette targets at 600, 500, 300, and 200-yards. A team coach and captain walk with the team and use binoculars to follow bullet traces to make quick wind-call changes. Scoring is based on the total number of hits on the eight targets. Hits at 600-yards get four-points. 500-yard hits get three-points. 300-yard hits get two-points, and 200-yards hits earn one-point each. All targets that receive six or more hits have been “squared,” that is, the number of squared targets multiplied by itself, count as bonus points. Squaring all eight targets definitely increases the odds of wining.

Two of the team’s shooters (called swing shooters), who are usually placed on opposite ends of the line formation, have to shoot at two targets each, thus covering all eight targets. Teams supply their own 384 rounds of ammo that’s distributed among team members. A shooter who can fire 25 to 30 rounds in 50-seconds with 87 to 95-percent hits, will get more ammo than slower shooters. And, it’s common that some of the best bullseye shooters in the country may not qualify for a Rattle-Battle team, because they are unable to place a high percentage of well-aimed, well-placed shots on silhouette targets, while shooting rapid-fire at 600 yards.

Immediately after the command, “Load and be ready” has been given at the 600-yard firing line, (the length of 6 football fields placed end-to-end), the full-sized Army silhouette targets will be exposed for 50-seconds. During this time, seven teams (squads) amounting to 42 individual riflemen and women will commence rapid-fire prone on their own bank of eight targets. Match officials in the pitts and walking behind the teams with hand-held radios certify target hits, targets squared, and total scores of each team. After firing at 600-yards, the seven teams advance very quickly to 500-yards and repeat the same excruciating 50-second exercise. Then do it again at 300-yards in the sitting position, shooting at the shorter Army F-silhouette. Rarely do the better teams have ammo left to shoot at 200-yards.

In just 3.3 minutes of actual shooting (not counting time to walk forward), nearly 2,690 rounds are fired by seven teams. The 32 teams that participated in the Rattle-Battle match at Camp this year, fired about 12,300 rounds into Lake Erie. Only the Yellow Perch know where they landed. That’s why they call it the Rattle-Battle, the most adrenaline-charged of all rifle matches.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP), records reveal that the Arizona Juniors have won the Rattle-Battle match at Camp Perry 14-times since 1984, more than any other Junior team. In one stretch they won it seven years in a row. The question is always asked, how do they do it? “Preparation and practicing in 110-degree heat in the Sonoran Desert in June and July prepares us to handle anything,” stated the Arizona the Coach.

The Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team is a division of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association (ASRPA). In recent years, team members have earned hundreds of medals, trophies, awards, college scholarships, military academy appointments, and several team members have earned the Distinguished Rifleman’s badge.

The Arizona Junior Rifle Team earned 19-individual medals and 11 trophies at the 2015 National Matches at Camp Perry. The wins include:

“Whistler Boy Match” – (1) Coach Kirby’s team won this NRA exclusive Junior team match, and set a new National Record of 977-30X as new National Champions. The two teammates and coach were presented with trophies and gold medallions. The shooters also received $500 gift certificates. (2) Coach Langdon’s team earned bronze medals with a score of 943-15X.

NTIT “Rattle-Battle” Match – Coach Kirby and Captain Jackovich topped 14 other Junior teams, 19 civilian and military teams, and finished 13th overall, out of 32 teams. No other Juniors were closer than 70 points of Arizona. The six-person team and 2 coaches received trophies and gold medals as National Champions.

“Freedom’s Fire Match” -- Coach Gorin and two team members earned bronze medals in the National Trophy Junior Team Match, the equivalent of the NRA’s Whistler Boy Match.

National Trophy Individual Match (NTI) – Kade J. was in the top ten-percent of all competitors with a 474-17X in this 50-shot match and earned 10, “Excellence In Competition” award points, enough to reach 30 points required to earn the coveted Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge. There are fewer Distinguished Riflemen than there are Medal of Honor recipients.

“The Presindet’s-100” – Kade J. also joined the Nation’s elite, “President’s – 100,” as one of the top-100 riflemen and women in the country. There were rifle over 1200 competitors in this match.

The annual rifle and pistol National Championships are jointly sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), and the National Rifle Association (NRA), and are held at the Camp Perry Training Site, located in Port Clinton, Ohio. The shooting ranges are located on the south shore of Lake Erie. The National Matches have been held continuously at the Camp Perry site since 1907. The Arizona Scorpions Rifle Team has earned a ranking, both at home and nationally, as one of the top Junior rifle teams in the in the country. They consistently rank in the top of all competitors at the National Rifle Matches. As always, the team program is appreciative of your support to make this program possible. Visit our website at

March 21, 2015

The Scorpions are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a grant from the NRA Foundation through The Friends of NRA, to purchase components to assemble match grade ammunition and a coach’s scope.  By assembling their own ammunition, the team is able to tailor the propellant load for optimum accuracy performance in their rifles, while decreasing the cost of the ammunition.  Sierra Bulletsmiths, Hornady Manufacturing, Hodgdon Powder and Natchez Shooters Supply are also thanked for their discounted pricing for junior teams.

February 28, 2015

Results from the 123rd Annual Washington's Birthday Match on 22 Feb 2015.

  • High Shooter and Overall Match Winner: Morgan, 486-14X
  • First Place Team: Arizona Juniors, Team "Duty" -- Morgan, Kade, Sarah, Jesse
  • Second Place Junior Team: "Honor" -- David, Zach, Donnie, Andres
  • Third Place Junior Team: "Country" -- Alex, Lily, Madi, Chance
  • Fourth Place Junior Team: LZ-Xray -- Kyle, Brennan, Ian